Verb Combinations

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Extra English this week starts off with a series of audio lessons aimed at verb combinations!

Verb combinations are when you have a verb followed by another verb in a sentence. 

The confusion is that most people don’t know how to adapt the verbs together, and the result is a Frankenstein sentence. 

Let’s look at an example:

The verb ‘to enjoy’. 

‘I enjoy pizza.’

A simple example, but it is a vague sentence.  We can create a concrete sentence:

‘I enjoy eating pizza, or ‘I enjoy making pizza.’ 

But some people say ‘I enjoy eat pizza’ and others say ‘ I enjoy to eat pizza’.

Which verb combination is correct?

I enjoy eating pizza.

I enjoy eat pizza.

I enjoy to eat pizza. 

Luckily, to correct this problem, all you need to do is remember – any verb that you use after ‘enjoy’ has to be ‘gerund’. 

I enjoy eating pizza.

I enjoy swimming in the ocean.

I enjoy sleeping late.

I enjoy reading real books.

Now, to make things easier, there are other verbs like ‘to enjoy’, that use a ‘gerund’ after them. An example is the verb ‘to suggest’.

An example

I suggest visiting the museum.

I suggest doing your homework.

No and never say

I suggest to you visit the museum.

I suggest do your homework.

Ok, now, take your notebooks or a sheet of paper and write down the following verbs. All of these verbs are followed by a gerund. 




give up




carry on


look forward to








can’t stand







put off


and of course, 



Use a dictionary or the internet to see what they mean. 

Remember, being lazy helps nobody. No pain, no gain.

Audio 2

In this audio, we will see some of the verbs in Audio 1 being used in sentences. Pay attention to the verb combination.

  1. I look forward to spending time with my friends.
  2. I gave up drinking soda three months ago.
  3. He appreciates receiving financial advice.
  4. She admitted going to a Backstreet Boys concert.
  5. My family detests watching soccer games.
  6. I miss having lunch at my grandmother’s house.
  7. Nobody remembers closing the windows.
  8. Please, carry on working!
  9. The sky is dark. It means walking with an umbrella.
  10. You need to contemplate winning the lottery.
  11. Many people resent working overtime. 
  12. Loosing weight involves eating correctly.
  13. Avoid looking at the dog, or it will want attention.
  14. If you come to work drunk every day, you jeopardise losing your job.  
  15. I can’t stand catching the bus to work. 

Let’s practice? I’ll start a sentence for you and you complete it using your own ideas. Be sure to pause the audio between sentences.

  1. I’m really looking forward to …
  2. Why don’t you consider …
  3. Do you miss …?
  4. When I was a kid, I remember …
  5. You’re looking for a restaurant? Oh, I recommend …
  6. Don’t drink and drive. You risk …
  7. I resent …
  8. I don’t like my job. I detest …
  9. Please, when you speak to the client, avoid …
  10. Please make an effort. Try to give up …

Try recording your answers and send them to me. 

Till next week!