Week 6: British Gardens

Week 6: British Gardens

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Week 6: British Gardens!




For this week, we'll be going to Britain and get to know why the British are so obsessed with their gardens! It seems that, when in the countryside, every British home seems to be surrounded, and sometimes covered, by a variety of flowers, bushes and trees. Truth is, the British love working in their gardens, and exaggerating it🤐 - it's basically their favourite pastime. 

In the first audio, the speaker will talk about the following points:

  • A Green Love Affair
  • Cats and Fish
  • Little Men
  • A British Man's Retreat
  • Garden Activities
  • Why the Love for Gardening?
  • Nightlife
  • and finally, some Advice

🎧 British Gardens - Standard British accent (Intermediate)



In the second audio, a journalist of Cult 2005, Jane, interviews Dr. Horatio Earthling, about the gardening craze in Britian.

🎧 Interview with Dr. Horatio - Standard British accent (Intermediate)



Check how much you understood. Download the PDF file and read through it, or play the audio and follow.