Lessons Learnt

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Situation 1

Bob and Paul were both given $50 000 to invest. They were presented with a portfolio made up of 6 companies.

$50 000 – pending investmentno more available funds
Company A$50 000
Company B
Company C

Bob went ahead and put all the money in Company A, which ended up losing 80% of its share value in one day.

Paul, on the other hand, has yet to make an investment.

Situation 2

Ted met Mary a year ago. Ted fell in love, believing he had finally met his soul mate. They got married 2 months after, and got divorced a month later. Mary sued him and got 50% of his estate.

Mike also met his better half, Sandra. It ‘s been 2 months and Sandra is pushing him to marry her. She alleges that an unwillingness to marry is a sign that he doesn’t love her.

Situation 3

Paul came across a really good looking car that he had to just have. He walked into the dealer and asked the salesman about the hatchback. Having realized the customer’s blind desire for the car, the salesman dropped the price on condition that Paul pay cash and forego the 3-month maintenance warranty plan. Paul took up his offer without second guessing and transferred the funds. The salesman handed over the keys and documentation, and still tried to sell Paul some insurance. Paul turned it down. He just wanted to drive home in his new car.

On the way to his house, he started hearing a knocking noise coming from the engine. He slowed down to see if the noise would vanish, but didn’t realize he had crossed a red light.