Between Jobs

Voiced by Amazon Polly


My name’s Bill and currently I’m between jobs. I’m making ends meet by landing gigs here and there – changing light bulbs, fixing leaky faucets and painting houses. I’m also walking dogs. It turns out there are a lot of dog owners around where I live, and most of them didn’t think twice when I told them I’d walk their mutts for ten dollars a day. So far, I’ve got 12 dog owners on my list, and by the looks of things, I’ll have more by the end of the month. It sure beats painting houses.


I’m Mack. I got the boot two weeks ago for under-performing. At first my boss gave me a verbal warning, and then a written warning. It was all too quick and until today I really don’t know what happened. But frankly, I’m happy to be out of there. I’ve applied for welfare and should be good for the next six months. I mean, I don’t have that many bills to pay – I still kinda live with my mom, so it helps make ends meet. I try not to loaf around the house though. I clean and at times cook meals. I’ve gotta say, my mom’s surprised! She says I’ve got a gift for cooking. This has got me thinking of doing some sort of cooking course and maybe apply for jobs at restaurants instead of an office. I’m no paper pusher and the thought of pounding the pavement just to land another office gig really turns my stomach. I’m gonna follow my gut and try out the restaurant business.


The company has always been encouraging management to delegate tasks more and more. As a manager who likes to centralize everything, it was difficult for me at first, but eventually I started trusting my team. But I gave too much credit to one of my team members Mike. He is the department’s slacker and never pulls his own weight! Guess what happened! My department missed the deadline on two projects and I got called on the carpet. It was the first time that had ever happened to me, and I have to say it sucked – nobody deserves being crapped on for the mistakes of others. Jack, the bigwig, started off by saying how he didn’t understand what had happened and how it ‘gravely’ impacted the general timeline of the roll-out. I just sat still as he went on. The more he spoke, the redder his face got – I thought he was about to let me know exactly how he felt. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. He did, however, extend my deadline by two days, and let me off with a warning. So, I’d better get cracking and show my true worth! But first, I’m gonna can Mike. I’ve had it with this guy!